When was the last time you hung out with your kid – away from screens, just playing and creating? 

Pintalu was born to bring families together and fire up your little one’s imagination through a simple shared activity. More is always more when it comes to bonding time, we say!

When you paint your Pintalu together, you create a lasting memory of playtime to wear again and again with pride. Hey – why have a generic logo when you could wear a tee that’s been hand-painted by your kid?!

Decorating clothes helps children to embrace their individuality and connect with their creative side. Because when they decide simple things like what colors and logos they wear, they grow all-round confidence that shows up in other parts of life too. 

And with soft, sustainable organic cotton and materials that can be used and re-used, feel reassured that you’re sharing all-important eco-principles with the littlest generation of earth stewards.

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